Professor Justin Dillon

Justin Dillon’s research expertise is in the area of learning and engagement in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Justin began his career teaching in London schools where he carried out research in his own classrooms. Since then Justin has worked on a number of engagement projects looking at what and how people learn. He was one of the co-ordinators of the Economic and Social Research Council’s Targeted Initiative in Science and Mathematics Education (TISME).

While many of Justin’s collaborators have been museums and science centres in the UK, the USA and Europe, his recent work with EngineeringUK has been developed into a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) which is a two year strategic project funded by InnovateUK.  

The aim of this partnership is to enable EngineeringUK to support engineering companies in becoming more sophisticated customers and supporters in the area of educational engagement throughout the UK. In the first half of the project, which was completed in 2014, the focus was on looking at the types of businesses working to support local schools, categorising these types, their motivation and their goals. The second half of the KTP looks in depth at the activities being delivered in schools by employers, studies the effectiveness and identifies what support on the ground could improve the impact.

Justin was elected President of the European Science Education Research Association from 2007-2011 and he is a trustee of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom and was Chair of the London Wildlife Trust many years.

Working with EngineeringUK has opened up new avenues of engagement with business and industry for my work. KTP's provide a valuable mechanism for increasing collaborations between companies and academia.

Justin Dillon
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