Dr Ian Richardson

Dr Ian Richardson specialises in improving meat quality, safety and sustainability. His research aims to improve the quality of red meats with particular emphasis on post-slaughter technologies that enhance eating quality such as electrical stimulation, conditioning, composition and packaging systems. 

The University of Bristol Professional Sensory Panel, managed by Dr Richardson, is used by meat companies to test many of their product developments. He is currently working with a leading food processor, ABP Food Group, international packaging company Sealed-Air Cryovac and J Sainsburys PLC to improve efficiency and reduce waste in the beef supply chain. The project aims to enable innovations that will increase efficiency in processing and distribution, and reduce wastage in the beef supply chain by improvements in eating quality, meat spoilage and increased colour shelf life.

This and previous projects have contributed to the development in the retailing of beef steaks in UK supermarkets, which in the last two years has changed  from modified atmosphere to vacuum skin packaging resulting in improving shelf life and reducing wastage.

In 2015, Dr Richardson was named by Thomson Reuters as among the top one per cent of scientists who are “the world’s most influential scientific minds” and whose publications have been deemed as having exceptional impact.

My collaborations with industry have helped to change the retailing of beef steak in UK supermarkets from modified atmosphere to vacuum skin packing with its concomitant improved shelf life and hence reduced wastage.

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