RESTORE clinical trial

Starting in 2019, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) plans to conduct a first-in-human clinical trial of red blood cells grown in the laboratory from adult donor blood stem cells. This trial will be called RESTORE (REcover and survival of STem cell Originated REd cells).

The trial will test how long a mini blood transfusion, up to a teaspoon (about 5ml), of these laboratory grown red blood cells, lasts in the body compared with the same amount of standard red blood cells from the same donor.


The planned study will take place at the Clinical Trials Unit at Addenbrookes’ Hospital Cambridge and the cells will be made at NHSBT Filton, Bristol.

Donors and participants

We will invite blood donors in the Cambridge area to provide donations for this clinical trial. Volunteers in the Cambridge area who have blood groups that match those of the selected blood donors will be invited to take part in RESTORE. These volunteers will receive the two mini transfusions spaced four months apart to find out if the young red blood cells made in the laboratory last longer than the cells made in the body.

Follow-up clinical trial

A second clinical trial is planned to follow on from this trial, using red blood cells produced from cord blood (cells taken from the umbilical cord blood after the normal birth of a baby).

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