Translational Acceleration and Knowledge Transfer (TRACK) awards

This scheme is currently closed for applications. 

This scheme has run annually since 2013 and is currently under review. Please watch this space for updates.

About the scheme

With support from the Wellcome Trust the University has funding available to support health related translational projects. TRACK funding is available to support projects which are at the stage of concept development. Please note other sources of funding available at University of Bristol to support projects in this area at different stages of development, such as MRC Confidence in Concept, EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account, and the Wellcome Trust Pathfinder award. For more information visit the University of Bristol Impact Funding webpage. 

Description of the scheme

  • TRACK Awards (Translational Acceleration and Knowledge Transfer Awards) will fund initial pilot studies to demonstrate the concept of a proposed solution to a health, clinical or product development need.
  • These awards will support health related research projects which have translational/commercial potential but need to undertake an additional, specific piece of work before seeking proof of concept. Projects must demonstrate that they will meet a definable milestone that will enable the project to progress to the next stage.

Award amount and duration

We anticipate that individual projects funded from an institution’s award will be of the order of £25k and approximately 6-12 months in length, although this will be dictated by the needs of each project. All projects should aim to be completed by 30 September 2021.

Competition format, deadlines, resubmissions

The deadline for applications was 23:59 Wednesday 6 May 2020. Applications will be reviewed by a panel comprising of University of Bristol staff.

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application within 4 weeks of the deadline. All proposals will receive feedback.

Applicants who have previously submitted an application for TRACK are eligible to resubmit if their proposal has been further developed since their original submission. 


  • These schemes are open to all University of Bristol academic staff members
  • Funds will be used to support translational projects directly (not for coordination activities)
  • Individual projects should be based on specific milestones in the translational pathway

The funding will not support:

  • Entire translational projects; applicants seeking funding for entire projects are directed to Development Pathway Funding Scheme.
  • Administration costs or industrial partner costs
  • Staff between posts/funding (i.e. as “bridging” funds), or PhD studentships
  • Continuation of normal research grants
  • Costs relating to the protection of intellectual property
  • Systematic literature reviews 


Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

 1.    Need

  • Is the health, clinical or product development need significant?
  • Does the proposed solution have an advantage over competing solutions? 

2.    Rationale

  • What is the strength of the rationale and supporting evidence for why the proposed solution will meet the targeted need?

3.    Deliverability

  • Is the proposed workplan realistic?
  • Will it answer the question or address the need identified?
  • Does it offer good value for money?
  • Does the team have the experience, skills and resources to deliver the planned work?

 4.    Sustainability

  • Does the proposal make a convincing case that following the end of the award the project can be sustained to meet its ultimate aims?
  • Is there an appropriate commercialisation plan in place to facilitate potential downstream exploitation (funding, partnering, commercialisation, etc)? 

Terms and conditions

The funds awarded include contribution from our Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund and as such are covered by the Wellcome Trust terms and conditions (

Please note that Clause 8.2 of the Wellcome Grant Conditions, related to Intellectual property (IP) and its exploitation, is waived in the context of this funding scheme. If you have any questions please contact EBI Manager Dr Nina Couzin


How to apply

This scheme is currently closed for applications.

Further information and queries

If you require further information or have any queries, please email Sarah Blackmore, EBI Funding Officer

Funded TRACK projects

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