Elizabeth Blackwell Institute and Cabot Institute for the Environment: Joint call on Climate Change and Health

This scheme is now closed for applications.

About the scheme

We are delighted to announce a call for projects in the area of the Climate Change and Health with the funding from the PVC-RE’s strategic fund 2020/21. The aim of the call is to support new interdisciplinary collaborations between University of Bristol researchers in the area of Climate Change and Health that would lead to major research bids in this space. Initial areas of interest identified include:

  • food security/quality/nutrition
  • mental health/wellbeing
  • infectious diseases
  • health data science/data intensive research
  • impact on health systems
  • extreme weather and hydrological exposure
  • environment, ecological shifts and health

We will also consider applications from a broader area of Climate Change and Health. If your application is in this category please contact ebi-health@bristol.ac.uk  to discuss your suggested topic in advance of applying. 

Please note the money needs to be spent by 31 July 2021.

Award amount

The maximum that each project can apply for is £15k as we have a total of £30k available for this funding call and we expect to support around two to three projects.


  • The call is open to all academic staff members at the University of Bristol
  • Applications should be truly interdisciplinary and clearly represent collaboration between Climate change-related specialties and Health researchers.  At least two lead applicants (representing the Climate and Health elements) must be named
  • Applications aimed at producing major research bid submissions will receive priority
  • Funds can be used to support equipment, consumables, non-academic staff time, academic staff buyout, scoping exercises, or other items if fully justified in the application
  • Funds may not be used to support open access publication and funds do not support indirect costs
  • Students can be involved in the delivery of your proposal 
  • Awarded funds must be spent by 31 July 2021


Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Does the proposed research address a challenge in the area of Climate Change and Health?
  • What is the likely impact of research in the proposed area?
  • Is there a convincing case that the proposed research could lead to larger funding opportunities?
  • Is the proposed workplan realistic?
  • Does the team have the experience, skills and resources to deliver the planned work?
  • Does the proposal bring together researchers from more than one Faculty?
  • Are the costs well justified?

How to apply

This scheme is now closed for applications.

Please complete this application form EBI & Cabot Joint Call on Climate Change & Health Application form (Office document, 233kB) and submit it to ebi-health@bristol.ac.uk by midday Thursday 4 March 2021.

If your research is in partnership with colleagues in low and middle income countries please also complete this ODA Compliance form EBI & Cabot Joint Call on Climate Change & Health ODA Compliance form (Office document, 23kB)

and this International Collaboration form‌ EBI & Cabot Joint Call on Climate Change & Health International Collab Form (Office document, 23kB) and return both with the application form.

Further information and queries

If you require further information or have any queries, please email Sarah Blackmore, EBI Funding Officer ebi-health@bristol.ac.uk

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