Elizabeth Blackwell Institute/Rosetrees Trust Early Career Fellowship 2021

This scheme is now closed for applications.

For further information or to register your interest in this scheme please email the EBI Funding Officer, Sarah Blackmore at ebi-health@bristol.ac.uk

About the scheme: 

With support from the Rosetrees Trust and Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute has funding available for an exceptional researcher in the area of mental health for young people, with particular focus on one or more (if intersecting) of three areas: self-harm and suicide; eating disorders; autism and mental health. Our fellowship scheme is for individuals who already hold a PhD at the time of application, and who wish to conduct research and to apply for externally-funded fellowships (or similar) to be held at Bristol. These fellowships are part of the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute’s portfolio of support for early career researchers. Although we do not specify number of years that an individual should have already spent in their post-doctoral career, these fellowships are designed for early career researchers with as fellowships to launch them onto independence and the level of position reflects this. We expect candidates to have an outstanding career trajectory to date commensurate with their level of experience. We ask that applicants and sponsors pay close attention to the suitability and eligibility criteria. 

The successful applicant will be expected to design and deliver research that will deliver outputs and research with impact, by which we mean research that will make a difference. Delivering research with impact will require close working with colleagues who may be working in healthcare services as well as with networks and groups across the University of Bristol and beyond. 

A role holder at this level will be an early career researcher with high potential. They will be expected to undertake research individually and collectively and to advance the state of knowledge and understanding within the field of mental health in young people. The role holder will be expected to be publishing regularly in high quality outlets in keeping with their field of work. They will still be working with support and supervision from experienced colleagues, but they will also be expected to take significant initiatives in their work and consult with their line-manager and sponsor/s about the details of the project and milestones. Other commitments permitting, the role holder may be asked to contribute to some of the University’s teaching, for instance through supervision of projects, overseeing practical classes, or taking small group tutorial classes. Any such commitments will be agreed in advance with the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute and will be focused on enabling career development for the individual. The position is designed to enable you to deliver high quality research outputs and to apply to external funders. You will work alongside one or more academic sponsors to help you to develop your research vision. 

We offer a salaried position at the University of Bristol. This will be at Senior Research Associate level (Grade J) with a fellowship period of up to 36 months (The fellowship can be undertaken on a part-time basis and in that instance the term of the fellowship can be extended accordingly). 

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute/Rosetrees Trust Fellow will be provided with academic and pastoral support within the University. The University is a signatory of the Researcher Concordat and the role holder will be encouraged to avail of the University’s numerous training and development activities to develop their competencies and career.

For information, to date we have funded 10.5% of applicants to this scheme.

Applicant suitability and eligibility: 

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • a relevant postgraduate research degree (PhD) or equivalent research experience in the area of mental health research at the time of application.
  • detailed subject knowledge in mental health research.
  • have a strong record of research output delivery (e.g. publications), taking into account any career breaks and in keeping with their years of experience and their research field.
  • be eligible to apply for external fellowship or equivalent funding based at the University of Bristol and should plan to do so within the period of their Elizabeth Blackwell Institute fellowship.
  • should have a clear plan of work for the period of the fellowship (note that if the applicant reaches second stage of the application process they will be asked to liaise with a relevant academic sponsor at the University to develop this plan).
  • should plan to work on a topic in the area of mental health for young people, with particular focus on one or more (if intersecting) of three areas: self-harm and suicide; eating disorders; autism and mental health.
  • must secure support from an academic sponsor and the Head of the host School at the University as part of their application process if they proceed to the second stage of the application process. 

We welcome applicants with lived experience and from traditionally underrepresented groups. Applicants are welcome to apply on a full time or part time basis.

Allowed costs: 

Awards will cover the applicant’s salary at the appropriate level as stated above. Up to £5,000 pa will also be available to support research consumables, travel/conferences and/or facility costs if fully justified.  Requests for equipment costs will be considered but this will be exceptional. Applicants must fully justify the request for research costs.

International applicants: 

Find out more about:

Visas: https://www.bristol.ac.uk/hr/resourcing/additionalguidance/overseas/ and https://www.gov.uk/skilled-worker-visa

Relocation costs:  https://www.bristol.ac.uk/hr/resourcing/practicalguidance/appointment/relocation1.html

Terms & Conditions: 

The funds awarded include contributions from our Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund and as such are covered by the Wellcome Trust terms and conditions which can be read here: https://wellcome.ac.uk/funding/managing-grant/grant-conditions.

Please read and understand these terms and conditions carefully prior to making an application to ensure suitability of this funding source for your project. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the EBI Funding Officer, Sarah Blackmore at ebi-health@bristol.ac.uk 

How to apply

This scheme is now closed for applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions if you have any queries. 

EBI ECF FAQs 2021 (PDF, 112kB)

Flow chart of application process

Flow chart of EBI Early Career Fellowship application process

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