EBI Rapid Response Call (COVID-19)

This call is now open on a rolling basis. 

You may apply at any time while the call is open on this website. We will provide five working days notice, on this website, of any closure of the scheme and so if you are applying please do check here before applying. 

From 15 May 2020 this call will move to rolling monthly deadlines. All applications submitted before midday on the last working day of the month will be submitted to the panel for review on that day. We hope to be able to provide a decision to applicants within 2 weeks of the panel receiving the application. Therefore, the next deadline for applications will be Friday 29 May, followed by Tuesday 30 June.

The initial deadline of 25 March generated 52 applications from across our research community and we have now received nearly 80 applications in total. We were grateful to see the scale and breadth of research work in this area.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel comprising of University of Bristol staff. 

About the scheme

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute is offering support for research into the novel coronavirus / COVID-19.  This call is for applications to enable University of Bristol academic staff to apply for research funding in this area.

The funding call is supported by: the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute’s Institutional Strategic Support Funding from the Wellcome Trust; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council funding held at the University; Economic and Social Research Council funding held at the University and the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) with support from the University’s alumni and friends.  

Award amount

We anticipate that individual projects funded from this scheme will be in the order of £500 - £5,000 each and this will be dictated by the needs of each project. Applicants are welcome to propose projects above this amount but please contact us before submitting the application. 

Competition deadline

For this call, we are operating a deadline for applications, but after the initial deadline we will keep the scheme open to applications on a rolling basis, depending on availability of funding.

The initial deadline for applications was 12.00 on Wednesday, 25 March 2020. The scheme is now open on a rolling basis.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel comprising of University of Bristol staff. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application as soon as possible.


  • Applications must be for research work in the area of the novel coronavirus / COVID-19
  • The scheme is open to all academic staff members at the University of Bristol
  • Funds will be used to support research activities directly (not for co-ordination activities)
  • Funds may be used to support: equipment, consumables, staff time or other items if fully justified in the application
  • Applications may be made for aspects of planned projects that cannot be funded from elsewhere, for instance for a piece of equipment or software.


Applications will be assessed on the following criteria: 

Aims and objectives

  • What are the strengths of the aims and objectives for the research?


  • Is the proposed workplan realistic?
  • Does the team have the experience, skills and resources to deliver the planned work?
  • Are the costs well justified?


  • Does the proposal make a convincing case that the research is likely to have impact, with impact understood in broad terms and in relation to the area of research proposed.



How to apply

Download and complete the application form below, and return it to Sarah Blackmore ebi-health@bristol.ac.uk 

Rapid Response Call (COVID-19) application form (Office document, 194kB)

Please contact Sarah if your project will involve animal testing as there will be an additional short form to complete.

Further information and queries

If you require further information or have any queries, please email Sarah Blackmore, EBI Funding Officer ebi-health@bristol.ac.uk

Funded COVID-19 projects

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