Funding opportunities

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute provides funding to support a range of strategically important research activities across the University of Bristol

Schemes that are currently open for applications

Bioethics, Biolaw and Biosociety Research Strand funding call

Applications are invited, seeking support for research activities, which are intended to lead to larger scale, funded research projects.

Closing date for expressions of interest is 09:00 Friday 12 April 2019.


Daphne Jackson Fellowship

The Fellowship is intended to support individuals who want to return to research in their careers as scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians, following a break of two years or more taken for family, caring or health reasons, and who will be conducting health-related research. 

Closing date is Monday 13 May 2019.

EBI Translational Acceleration and Knowledge Transfer (TRACK)

This scheme provides funding to support health related translational projects.

Closing date is 09:00 Thursday 13 June 2019.  


EBI MRC Confidence in Concept Scheme (CIC)

With support from the MRC, the University has funding available to support health related translational projects. 

This scheme is closed for outline applications.

Invited full applications should be submitted by 09:00 Thursday 13 June 2019.  

EBI Seed Fund: Public Engagement with Health Research

Seed funding is available for health researchers who would like to deliver public engagement events and activities. 

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

EBI Identifying Candidates for Wellcome Trust Investigator Awards

This scheme is designed to support a small number of permanent, early career academic staff at the University of Bristol, who are planning to apply for an Investigator Award from the Wellcome Trust.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

EBI Bridging Funds for Research Fellows

This scheme is designed to support a small number of academic staff at the University of Bristol who currently hold an externally funded research fellowship. 

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

EBI Workshop Support

EBI is offering support for workshops in health and biomedical research to facilitate new interdisciplinary connections.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

Returning Carers Scheme

The University of Bristol is running a Returning Carers Scheme (RCS) to support academic staff across all faculties in re-establishing their independent research careers.

The following schemes are currently closed for applications

Please watch this space for updates or register your interest in a scheme by contacting

EBI Early Career Fellowship

This scheme aims to support excellent early career researchers who wish to develop towards independent research careers. There is a 2 stage application process.

This scheme is currently not accepting applications. Please watch this space for more information. 

EBI Clinical Primer scheme

This scheme is aimed at exceptionally motivated clinically qualified medical, veterinary and dental trainees who are at an early stage of their career.

We expect the scheme to open again in Autumn 2019.

EBI Research for Health challenge

We expect to launch a new challenge-led scheme in 2019. Watch this page for further information.

EBI Postgraduate Discipline Hopping Fellowships

This scheme is designed to support a small number of postgraduate researchers currently enrolled on one of the University of Bristol Wellcome Trust-funded 4 year PhD programmes. 

EBI MRC Proximity to Discovery Industry Engagement Fund (PtoD)

With support from the MRC, funding for short term two-way people exchanges between industry and academia which align to MRC strategic priorities in population health, cardiovascular research, infection and immunity, neuroscience and cancer. 

Wellcome Trust Open Access Policy

Any original research article arising out of research funded wholly or partially by the Wellcome Trust must be deposited in PubMed Central (PMC) and Europe PMC immediately upon publication or at the latest within six months of the journal publisher's official date of final publication. More details.

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute gratefully acknowledges financial support from the Faculties, University of Bristol and the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund

EBI funding career stages

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