School of Biochemistry Seminars

Biochemistry presents a weekly series of School Seminars from external speakers of specific interest to researchers in the School.

In addition, we also present a smaller number of prestigious Colloquia from world-leaders in their field, whose work is of a general scientific interest to researchers from around the University, as well as our undergraduate honours students. These lectures from external scientists are complemented by the Current Biochemistry at Bristol Seminar series, which presents the latest research from our research staff and postgraduates.

Biochemistry Weekly Seminars

Current Biochemistry at Bristol Seminars

Please visit the new Online Faculty Seminar System to view all seminars within the Faculty.

Biochemistry Colloquia

We would like to thank our recent colloquia speakers, Lois Weisman, Alan Lehmann, Ron Hay, Jim Hurley, Shankar Balasubramanian, David Critchley, Susan Gasser, Sheena Radford, Judy Armitage, Luke O'Neill, David Sherratt, Gabriel Waksman for their contributions to our seminar series.