Science in the community

The Biochemistry Exhibit at Science 
Alive 2004

The School of Biochemistry is committed to raising public awareness of its world-class research activities. Every year there are opportunities for local people of all ages to talk to, and interact with, scientists from the School of Biochemistry. We provide several events for school pupils to visit the School and researchers from the School also visit schools and community-based groups to talk about their work.

Biochemists are concerned with understanding how living organisms work. This covers a lot of ground, and our research interests reflect this. At the more chemical end of Biochemistry, we have researchers studying the structure of enzymes to allow them to design novel drugs for diseases such as malaria. At the more biological end of the spectrum, we have researchers working with whole cells to understand the basis of diseases including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

If you would like a member of the School of Biochemistry to visit your school or community group, please email Dr Gus Cameron to arrange it.