How to apply for a general grant

The Alumni Foundation Committee invites applications for grants from any student, school, department or member of staff at the University. 

The Alumni Foundation Committee meets once a term to consider funding applications. Please note our application deadlines, as general awards are only made by the full committee at these termly meetings. Unfortunately, the Foundation cannot assist students once they have graduated from the University.

You can apply online via Blackboard. Please follow the instructions in 'How to apply'.

The Committee has some general guidelines and principles that it uses when considering applications. Please read these carefully as they will increase your chances of making a successful application:

  • The Alumni Foundation considers applications that will enable current students or staff to enhance University life, and to assist with activities or projects which would not otherwise be possible.
  • Mindful of its broad donor support base, the Alumni Foundation aims to make awards which enhance the experience of many Bristol students. The enthusiasms of individuals are not supported - ideas should be mainstream and benefit more than one person. 
  • The Alumni Foundation supports projects which cannot secure full funding from other sources.  As funds are limited and fluctuate from year to year, the Foundation will not normally make awards which require repeat or long-term funding. In certain cases, where there is no realistic possibility of an activity becoming self-sustaining, exceptions may be made. Most grants assist with one-off purchases or exceptional expenditure, for example initial start-up costs.
  • Day-to-day running costs are not supported - applications should relate to activities outside normal programmes.
  • Funding is not available to bail-out clubs and societies that have not been well managed.
  • Funds will not be provided for food and drink as part of an activity or project.
  • If you are seeking funds to assist with venue hire, you will need to explain why you have chosen a particular venue. Applicants are reminded that the Bristol SU has a wide variety of rooms available for hire.
  • If your request for funding exceeds £2,000, you must contact the Secretary at to discuss your application before submission. If you do not do this, your application will not be considered.
  • Applications must be well-considered, drafted clearly, and concise.
  • Applicants must provide clear and detailed financial planning and budgeting information and show (if possible) how activities will become self-sustaining. Applications should provide details of how the project will be monitored and evaluated. Importantly the budget must make sense.
  • Research costs and travel to undertake research is not funded by the Alumni Foundation.
  • As the Alumni Foundation is a charitable foundation, it cannot make donations directly to other charities.
  • Please do not use hyperlinks in your application.
  • There is no opportunity to appeal decisions already taken by the Committee.
  • No awards can be made retrospectively. 
  • If you have any questions, please get in touch in advance of making your application either by telephone on 0117 394 1051 or email us at
  • SU affiliates can contact ( who may be able to assist with making an application.
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to set up businesses should contact RED or Basecamp. The Alumni Foundation is not able to provide funds for entrepreneurial projects.

Grants are awarded on two conditions. If your application is successful and you receive a grant, you must:

  • Publicise the support of the Alumni Foundation in association with your activity/project, for instance by displaying the Alumni Foundation logo in your literature or on posters.
  • Provide feedback through Blackboard to the Alumni Foundation within one month of the completion of your activity/project. This is essential in promoting the Alumni Foundation to donors and to encourage future applications. Failure to provide feedback may jeopardise future applications from your club, society or department.