Bristol Connects: Career Experts

Our Career Expert programme connects you to your global alumni network. If you're taking the first steps in your career or looking for a change, you can tap into a wealth of talent and experience to support and guide you. Have insights to share? Become a Career Expert and offer your time, experience and employment opportunities in a way that suits you.

Connect with a Career Expert

Connect with outstanding alumni to gain insight into different careers and enhance your prospects with practical help and advice.

You can connect anywhere, anytime with multiple professionals from around the world to expand your knowledge and plan your next steps.

Our Career Experts volunteer their time and expertise to help you realise your goals. Career Experts can offer an objective view, put a situation in perspective, offer feedback, serve as a sounding board, and identify others who could potentially help.

The Bristol Connects platform guides you through the process and is full of helpful advice to ensure you can make the most out of the network available to you.

Download our top tips on getting the most from your connections (PDF, 115kB)

Become a Career Expert

Becoming an Expert is easy and flexible, allowing you to shape the relationship and specify your level of commitment. Connections can range from scheduling a phone call to inviting them to see where you work - or simply exchanging messages.

We want you to volunteer based on the time and energy you have available. You can choose how many connections you have time to support, and you can modify or pause your profile at any time.

Your guidance is always valuable, whatever stage you are in your career:

  • Recent graduates can share their experiences of entering the job market: choosing the right career, developing the right skills, preparing for job applications and interviews.
  • Established professionals have in-depth knowledge of their industries and can advise on progression, transferable skills, resolving difficult situations and long-term career planning.
  • Bristol has many entrepreneurial students and graduates. Starting out on your own can be daunting - you can pass on the advice you wish you had known when you first started out.
  • Working outside of the UK? Bristol alumni live and work all over the world and your insight into the job market where you are could result in a life-changing move for someone.

Download our guide to sharing your advice (PDF, 103kB)