Welcome to the brand-new School of Accounting and Finance! We are a new School, but we build on a tradition of scholarship and learning in the joint disciplines of accounting and finance established over a long period here at the University of Bristol.

David Solomons was appointed as our first Professor of Accountancy in 1955, making him only the third full-time Accounting Professor in the UK, and who went on to become president of the American Accounting Association, and responsible for the establishment of the US’ Financial Accounting Standards Board.

This link between research and impact continues into the present day in our new School and is embedded in our teaching programmes and research profiles. Our aims continue to be the educational development of our students and undertaking impactful research that changes the way we think about the society in which we all  live. Our structure as a School of Accounting and Finance rooted in a social science faculty is unique in the UK and ensures that our teaching and research focuses on our core disciplines but within the context of our wider role in society.

Our educational purpose is to equip our students with the knowledge base and skill set to be global citizens and succeed in their chosen careers. Our teaching enriches the lives of many young people from around the world, and our glittering array of alumni from over the last 70 years illustrates the contribution that our educational programmes have gone on to make in business and society through our students.

Our research critically addresses the significant challenges that face individuals, communities and organisations and we strive to influence policymakers and regulators as they in turn respond to changes in the world around us. Changes that are driven by processes of globalisation, inequalities, digital innovations, and a recognition of environmental and social sustainability.

We are first and foremost a School of people: a group of individuals sharing the same common purpose. We encourage all our staff to promote appropriate work-life balances and we embed a diverse and welcoming culture within our School community.


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