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Name Job title Email Phone number
Miss Olivia Ablett Undergraduate Senior Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 954 6068
Dr Mo Abolkheir Research Associate
Professor John Adams Emeritus Professor Mob. (07796) 950 346Telephone Number
Dr Sophia Adams Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 6083
Dr David Andres Fernandez Research Associate
Dr Andrew Atkinson Research Fellow
Dr Bengt Autzen Research Associate
Dr Tudor Baetu Lecturer in Philosophy of Science Tel. 01173310435
Mr William Baker Research Associate in Philosophy
Professor Stephen Banfield Emeritus Professor of Music
Mr Chris Barnett Technical Adviser in Film
Dr Can Baskent Senior Research Associate
Professor Amanda Bayley Research Fellow
Dr David Bednall Teaching Fellow in Musicology Tel. (0117) 331 4053
Ms Sharon Behan Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117)3311007
Dr Gunter Berghaus Senior Research Fellow
Professor Christopher Bertram Professor in Social and Political Philosophy Tel. (0117) 331 0938
Dr Penny Bickle Research Associate
Professor Kenneth Binmore Research Fellow,Research Fellow in Economics, Finance and Management Tel. (0117) 928 8432
Dr Liz Bird Emeritus Dean of Arts Tel. (0117) 928 9825
Dr Megan Blomfield Lecturer in Philosophy Tel. (0117) 331 1084
Dr Geoffrey Blumenthal Research Associate
Mr Mike Bolt Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 954 6049
Dr Martyn Brabbins Research Fellow
Mrs Beth Bransome Theatre Technician
Professor Edward Braun Emeritus Professor
Dr Michael Bresalier Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 8888
Dr Robin Brown Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 6655
Dr Joanna Bruck Reader in Archaeology Tel. (0117) 954 6988
Dr Joanna Burch-Brown Lecturer
Mr Christopher Burr Research Associate
Mr Mervyn Busse Health and Safety Officer Tel. (0117) 928 9122
Dr Jacqueline Cahill Wilson Research Fellow
Mr Argun Cakir Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 10155
Dr Catrin Campbell-Moore Lecturer in Philosophy Tel. (0117) 954 6732
Professor Havi Carel Professor of Philosophy Tel. (0117) 954 6690
Dr Neil Carrier Lecturer in Social Anthropology
Dr Adrian Chadwick Teaching Fellow in Archaeology Tel. (0117) 954 6073
Dr Paul Clarke Lecturer in Performance Studies Tel. (0117) 954 5231
Dr Alex Clayton Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Fax. (0117) 331 5082Telephone Number
Dr Neil Coleman Research Associate
Mr Jordan Collver Project Administrator (Life of Breath) Tel. (0117) 3310433
Dr Michael Costen Research Fellow
Dr Lucy Cramp Senior Lecturer in Archaeology Tel. (0117) 331 1210
Ms Ana Cretu Teaching Associate
Professor Nello Cristianini Professor of Artificial Intelligence,Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 954 5160
Mr Joe Crofton Executive Assistant,TSS Staff Tel. (0117) 954 6098
Dr Heidi Dawson-Hobbis Research Associate
Dr Yiota Demetriou Teaching Associate in Theatre and Performance
Dr Aidan Dodson Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 954 6073
Mr Stephen Donovan School Administration Assistant
Ms Christine Eickelmann Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 6068
Dr Michael Ellison Reader,Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 4057
Ms Jo Elsworth Director of Theatre Collection Mob. (07812) 670964Telephone Number
Dr Anthony Everett Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 6796
Dr Pauline Fairclough Reader in Music Tel. (0117) 33 13373
Dr Pete Falconer Lecturer in Film Tel. (0117) 331 8773
Dr Anya Farennikova Lecturer in Philosophy Tel. (0117) 331 0936
Dr Neal Farwell Head of School of Arts & Reader in Composition Tel. (0117) 3314061Telephone Number
Ms Gillian Fearnyough School Manager Tel. (0117) 3311239Telephone Number
Dr Alexandra Fletcher Research Fellow
Dr Annika Forkert Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 4050
Dr Mark France Teaching Associate in Theatre and Performance
Dr Helen Frisby Research Associate
Dr Kentaro Fujimoto Lecturer in Mathematical and Philosophical Logic,Lecturer in Mathematical and Philosophical Logic Tel. (0117) 954 5641
Mr Jack Fuller Research Associate
Dr Paula Gardiner Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 954 6071
Ms Laura Gardner Keeper: Theatre Archives Tel. (0117) 954 5464
Mrs Deborah Gibbs Drama Resource Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5088Telephone Number
Dr Mhairi Gibson Reader in Anthropology Fax. (0117) 954 6001Telephone Number
Professor Keith Graham Emeritus Professor of Social & Political Philosophy Tel. (0117) 928 7826
Dr Sean Gryb Research Associate
Dr Kate Guthrie Lecturer in Music Tel. (0117) 331 4050
Dr Josh Habgood-Coote Vice Chancellor's Fellow
Dr Safet HadziMuhamedovic Teaching Fellow in Anthropology Tel. (0117) 928 9017
Dr Simon Hammann Postdoctoral Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 6083
Mr Nick Hannon Field Technician Tel. (0117) 954 6062
Mr Michael Hare Research Fellow
Professor Richard Harrison Emeritus Professor Fax. (0117) 954 6001
Miss Ellie Hart Project Officer,Secretarial/Administrator
Dr Jimmy Hay Lecturer in Film and Television Tel. (0117) 331 8783
Dr Makiko Hayasaka Research Associate
Dr Guido Heldt Senior Lecturer in Music Tel. (0117) 3314045
Professor Volker Heyd Professor in Prehistoric Archaeology Tel. (0117) 954 6072
Professor Sarah Hibberd Stanley Hugh Badock Chair of Music
Mrs Jo Hickey-Hall Research Support Assistant Tel. (0117) 3318391
Mr James Higenbottam-Taylor TSS Staff
Miss Dyan Hilton Tutor
Dr Catherine Hindson Reader in Theatre History,Research Fellow in Theatre Tel. (0117) 331 5095
Dr Tamar Hodos Reader in Mediterranean Archaeology Tel. (0117) 954 6077
Dr Theresia Hofer Lecturer in Social Anthropology Tel. (0117) 331 7073
Mrs Megan Holmes Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 3314044
Dr Kate Holmes TSS Staff,TSS Staff Tel. (0117) 331 4291
Professor Emma Hornby Professor of Music Tel. (0117)3314048
Professor Leon Horsten Professor Tel. (0117) 954 6079
Professor Mark Horton Senior Teaching Fellow Tel. (0117) 954 6080
Ms Debra Hughes Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117)3318465
Mr Fabian Huss Research Associate
Miss Claire Huxham Senior Tutor Tel. (0117) 928 8626
Dr Kati Ihnat Research Associate Tel. (0117)3314048
Dr Vicky Jackson Postdoctoral Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 8787
Professor Simon Jones Professor of Performance Tel. (0117) 954 5466
Mr Chris Jones Media Stores Technician Tel. (0117) 331 8759
Professor Fiona Jordan Professor of Anthropology Tel. (0117) 954 6078
Dr Marzieh Kaivanara Research Associate
Dr Timothy Knowles Research Fellow in Radiocarbon Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Tel. (0117) 33 17211
Dr Jason Konek Lecturer in Philosophy of Mind/ Epistemology Tel. (0117) 3310432
Dr Bon-Hyuk Koo Research Associate
Dr Katja Krebs Senior Lecturer in Performance and Theatre Studies Fax. (0117) 331 5082Telephone Number
Professor James Ladyman Professor Tel. (0117) 331 0934
Miss Laura Lanceley Network Facilitator,Project Administrator
Ms Lucy Langley-Palmer Executive Member,Subject Librarian Tel. (0117) 42 82187
Dr Jamie Lawson Teaching Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 1191
Ms Anne Leaver Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 6076
Professor Hannes Leitgeb Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 8890
Mr Peter Leppard Librarian
Ms Jenny Lowman Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 331 7616
Ms Katie Mack Teaching Fellow in Film and Television Production Tel. (0117) 331 8779
Mr Paul Madine Librarian
Dr Jacqueline Maingard Reader in Film Tel. (0117) 331 8774
Professor Rebecca Maloy Visiting Fellow
Mr Alex Malpass Research Fellow
Dr John Marshall Senior Research Fellow
Dr Nariman Massoumi Lecturer in Film and Television Tel. (0117) 331 8775
Dr Jess McCormack Teaching Fellow in Theatre and Performance Tel. (0117) 3315300
Dr Elaine McGirr Reader in Theatre and Performance Histories Tel. (0117) 331 5090
Dr Coreen McGuire Research Associate in the History of Medicine (Life of Breath)
Dr Kate Mees Research Associate
Mr Peter Metelerkamp Reader in Teaching & Learning Tel. (0117) 331 8786Telephone Number
Mr Peter Milner Teaching Fellow in Film and Television Tel. (0117) 331 5092
Dr Alice Mitchell Postdoctoral Research Associate Tel. (0117) 3318391
Dr Kristian Moen Senior Lecturer in Film Studies Fax. (0117) 331 5082Telephone Number
Professor Nicoletta Momigliano Professor of Aegean Studies Tel. (0117) 954 6082
Dr Camilla Morelli Lecturer in Social Anthropology,Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 6074
Dr Seiriol Morgan Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 0969
Mrs Lisa Murphy Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 954 6061
Dr Erdene Myagmar Research Fellow
Dr Cassie Newland Research Fellow
Ms Jennie Norman Tutor Tel. (0117) 954 5469
Mr Christopher O'Brien Visiting Fellow
Professor Samir Okasha Professor of Philosophy of Science Tel. (0117) 3310697
Mr Luis Oliviera Data Collection Assistant
Ms Susan Pearce Teacher
Dr Giles Pearson Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 3310637
Miss Margaret Peirson Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 954 6045
Professor Richard Pettigrew Professor of Philosophy Tel. (0117) 331 0923
Dr Angela Piccini Reader in Screen Media Tel. (0117) 331 8776
Professor John Pickard Professor of Composition & Applied Musicology Tel. (0117) 3314049
Dr Bryony Pierce Research Associate
Dr Mark Pinder Teaching Fellow in Philosophy
Dr Helen Piper Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 8781
Professor Geoff Poole Emeritus Professor
Dr Stuart Presnell Research Associate
Dr Stuart Prior Senior Teaching Fellow in Archaeological Practice,UCU Health and Safety Officer Tel. (0117) 331 1197
Ms Jo Purdie Student Administration Manager Fax. (0117) 954 6001Telephone Number
Dr Andrew Pyle Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 954 6702
Dr Peter Racz Postdoctoral Research Associate Tel. (0117) 3318391
Dr Carolyn Rickards Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 8787
Mr Sam Roberts Research Associate in Philosophy
Dr Sean Roberts Research Associate
Professor Katharine Robson Brown Director of the Jean Golding Institute,Professor of Biological Anthropology Tel. (0117) 954 6081
Miss Raquel Rojo Carrillo Research Associate,Research Support Assistant Tel. (0117) 33 10155
Mrs Heather Romaine Keeper: Theatre Collection Tel. (0117) 954 5464
Dr Robert Ross Research Associate
Mr Paul Rouse Research Associate,Research Collaborator Tel. (0117) 33 10155
Dr Eleanor Rycroft Lecturer Tel. (0117) 3315282
Dr Ryan Samaroo Research Fellow
Professor Nicholas Saunders Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 331 1188
Dr Florian Scheding Lecturer in Music Tel. (0117) 3314046
Dr Peter Scott Senior Teaching Associate in Music Tel. (0117) 331 4053
Dr Isabel Scott Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 8498
Mr Jonathan Scott Music Studio Manager Tel. (0117)3314065
Dr Heather Sebire Research Associate
Dr Kirsty Sedgman British Academy Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 954 5465
Dr David Shankland Senior Research Fellow in Archaeology and Anthropology
Mr David Small Research Associate
Professor Ivor Smith Emeritus Professor of Architecture
Miss Clare Smith Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 95 87427
Dr Jessica Smyth Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 7073
Dr Finn Spicer Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 0946
Mrs Debra Squires Senior Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 3311239
Dr Johannes Stern Research Fellow
Professor Sarah Street Professor of Film and Foundation Chair of Drama Tel. (0117) 331 8777
Dr Jill Sullivan Acting Assistant Keeper: User Services Tel. (0117) 331 5045
Dr Kelcey Swain Teaching Fellow in Music Tel. (0117) 331 4053
Mr Samuel Taylor Project Administrator: Eastmancolor Revolution
Mrs Aneta Taylor Administrator - UPSTREAM Trial,Project Administrator Tel. (0117) 3314524
Mr Rod Terry Teaching Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5085
Dr Giulia Terzian Research Associate Tel. (0117) 3310431
Dr Karim Thebault Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Science Tel. (0117) 3310431
Dr Tzu Chien Tho Lecturer in the History of Philosophy / History of Science
Mr Wyndham Thomas Research Fellow in Music Tel. (0117) 3314049
Dr Ash Tierney Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 6788
Mrs Lisa Turner Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 9287429
Dr Amanda Villepastour Research Fellow
Professor Raymond Warren Emeritus Professor of Music
Professor Peter Warren Emeritus Professor,Senior Research Fellow in Archaeology and Anthropology Tel. (0117) 331 1194
Dr Leo Webley Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 6083
Professor Graeme Were Chair in Anthropology
Dr Helen Whelton Research Associate Specialised in the analysis of Organic Compounds
Professor Martin White Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 3315300
Dr Justin Williams Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 33 13305
Professor Gareth Williams Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Dentistry Faculty Office
Dr Alan Wilson Lecturer in Ethics
Ms Kate Withers Drama Resource Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5088Telephone Number
Dr Andrew Woodfield Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 928 8627
Dr Jan Wozniak Teaching Associate Tel. (0117) 331 5089
Dr Andrew Wyatt Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 928 8477
Dr Lena Zuchowski Lecturer in Philosophy of Science