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Mr Dave Kilbey


Dave is an IT Trainer and Project Manager within IT Services.  As a trainer he works with both students and staff and delivers courses in Microsoft Office products and corporate systems. 

Dave also manages the Nature Locator project.  This started with the multi-award winning JISC-funded project called Leaf Watch (  This developed a smartphone app to track the spread of the Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner moth.  The Nature Locator project then went onto work with the Environment Agency on a second smartphone app to help monitor invasive plant species (  The Nature Locator team are now building a smartphone app to monitor the UK Ladybird population and have just started on a JISC funded project to ID bats from their ultrasonic calls using a smartphone

Skills, Knowledge & Experience

Dave has been involved in training for over 12 years and outside of the university he works as a freelance digital image trainer, writer, project manager and wildlife photographer.

Conferences & teaching

12 years training experience,

Neobiota International Conference on Invasive Species 2012,

Oxford Biodiversity Symposium 2012,

Communicate 2012,