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Name Job title Email Phone number
Mrs Elizabeth Allen EAP Coordinator Tel. (0117) 3318608
Miss Sarah Armstrong CELFS Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 3318614
Miss Alannah Black CELFS Administrator Alt. (0117) 3318618Telephone Number
Ms Ginny Blackmore Language Tutor
Ms Maggie Boswell Language Tutor
Ms Claire Brett English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Tutor Tel. (0117) 3318616
Ms Jennie Brettell Administrator Tel. (0117) 3318522Telephone Number
Miss Helen Campbell Administrator Tel. (0117) 3318522Telephone Number
Miss Hannah Coe Administrator Tel. (0117) 3318522Telephone Number
Ms Jane Cursiter Tutor
Mrs Wendy Denton Audio Visual and Learning Technologist Tel. (0117) 3318606
Mr Michael Ford Tutor
Ms Emily Gale Administrator Tel. (0117) 3318522Telephone Number
Mrs Julia Gardos Carroll EAP Tutor
Mrs Maxine Gillway Director Tel. (0117) 3318625
Mr Stephen Gillway EAP Tutor
Ms Hannah Gurr EAP Tutor
Miss Lisa Hanson CELFS Deputy Director Tel. (0117) 3318613
Mr Paul Hendrie English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Tutor Tel. (0117) 3318612
Ms Katherine High EAP Tutor
Mr Martin Jenkins Deputy Director Tel. (0117) 3318607
Ms Debra Jones CELFS English Language for Academic Purposes EAP Coordinator Tel. (0117) 3318609
Ms Hannah Jones EAP Coordinator Tel. (0117) 3318612
Miss Jenny Jope International Selector Assistant Alt. (0117) 3318618Telephone Number
Miss Corinne Lamplugh Administrator,International Enquiries Assistant Alt. (0117) 3318522Telephone Number
Mrs Christine Lee EAP Tutor
Mr Alan Lockett Programme Coordinator Tel. (0117) 3318608
Ms Donna Mac Lean Tutor
Mr Blair Matthews English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Tutor Tel. (0117) 3318615
Ms Eleanor Matthews Publications Officer Tel. (0117) 39 41730
Miss Hazel Newton CELFS English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Co-ordinator Tel. (0117) 3318609
Mrs Abigail Rogers Centre Manager Tel. (0117) 3318626
Mr Nick Roll Tutor
Mr Craig Stevens Language Tutor
Ms Ruth Taylor Programme Coordinator Tel. (0117) 3318612
Mr Robin Warr Administrator Alt. (0117) 3318618Telephone Number