Academic staff contact list

Research themes key

NameRoleThemeResearch lab
Dr Borko Amulic Lecturer in Immunology I and I  
Professor Matthew Avison

Reader in Microbiology / Director of Postgraduate Studies, CMM

I and I  
Dr Allison Blair Reader in Experimental Haematology SCT Cancer stem cells group
Dr Charlotte Bradbury Consultant Senior Lecturer in Haematology I and I  
Dr Keith Brown Reader in Molecular Pathology CB Cancer epigenetics lab
Dr Bronwen Burton Lecturer I and I  
Professor Rafael Carazo Salas Chair in Biomedical Sciences SCT  
Dr Andrew Davidson Reader in Virology I and I  
Professor Andrew Dick Professor of Ophthalmology I and I Inflammatory eye disease group
Dr Stephanie Diezmann Senior Lecturer I and I  
Dr Abdelkader Essafi Senior Lecturer CB  
Professor Adam Finn Professor of Paediatrics I and I Bristol children's vaccine centre
Dr Darryl Hill

Senior Lecturer in Microbiology / Undergraduate Education Director, CMM

I and I  
Dr Gareth Jones

Senior Research Fellow

 I and I  
Dr Wa'el Kafienah Senior Lecturer in Stem Cell Biology SCT Embryonic stem cells group
Dr Francesca Maggiani Consultant Senior Lecturer in Pathology CB  
Dr Karim Malik Reader in Epigenetics CB Cancer Epigenetics Lab
Professor Ruth Massey Professor in Microbial Pathogenicity I and I  
Dr David Matthews Reader in Virology I and I  
Dr David Morgan Reader in Immunology I and I  
Dr Isabel Murillo Cabeza Lecturer I and I  
Dr Lindsay Nicholson Reader in Research I and I Autoimmune inflammation research (AIR)
Professor Adam Perriman Professor of Biomaterials SCT  
Professor Eugenia Piddini Professorial Research Fellow CB  
Dr Ann Pullen Reader in Immunology and Education
Faculty Education Director
I and I  
Professor Anne Ridley FRS Professor of Cell Biology / Head of School, CMM CB  
Professor Stefan Roberts Professor of Cancer Biology CB Gene expression lab
Dr M Sohail Reader in Histopathology CB  
Dr Jim Spencer Reader in Microbial Pathogenesis I and I  
Professor Colin Steward Professor of Paediatric Stem Cell Transplantation SCT  
Dr Emma Vincent RD Lawrence Diabetes UK Fellow CB  
Professor Ann Williams Professor of Experimental Oncology CB CRUK colorectal tumour biology
Professor Christoph Wuelfing Professor of Immunology / Research Director, CMM I and I Wuelfing research group
Dr Yohei Yamauchi Reader in Viral Cell Biology I and I  Viral cell biology lab
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