Contributing to the site

New data sets

I am always interested in hearing about new data sets that can be included in Economic Growth Resources. If you know of a growth data set online, one not available at the page of a specific researcher, please let me know.

Nominating your own work

Details are available on how to nominate your own work for inclusion in the site. This saves me time tracking down articles (especially if you provide full details) but please note that priority will be given to work in relatively accessible journals.

Supplying new lists of references

If you would like to add an article or book to an already existing set of key references, please email me with the details. Before doing so, you might wish to consult the instructions for nominating articles.

If you would like to supply a new list of key references, please follow these steps if possible. Be warned that it can take more time than you might think, especially if you aim to keep the references up to date. Having said that, you'll get a credit on the page, and the satisfaction of having contributed to a minor public good.

If you're not familiar with HTML, you could just email me a document containing the references, divided into the groups mentioned above.

Finally, I have to fit editing these pages around other commitments, so updating can be a little haphazard. Most submissions will appear within two months at the latest, though.

My mailing address is: Jonathan Temple, Department of Economics, University of Bristol, 8 Woodland Road, Bristol BS8 1TN, UK.