Future events

Dynamics, economic growth, and international trade Details of the annual DEGIT conference (this year in Jerusalem). At this site you can also view details of previous conferences in the DEGIT series, which started in 1996. See also this DEGIT site.

Past events

Note that many of these pages include links to conference papers.

IFPRI/Cornell Conference on Threshold Effects and Non-Linearities in Growth and Development Washington, D.C., May 2005.

CESifo Venice Summer Institute 2004 - Workshop on Institutions and Growth Venice, July 2004

Economic Growth and Distribution: on the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations Pisa, Italy, June 2004

Schooling and Human Capital Formation in the Global Economy: Revisiting the Equity-Efficiency Quandary Munich, September 2004

Growth and Business Cycles in Theory and Practice Details of their 2004 conference, Centre for Growth and Business Cycle Research, Manchester, UK.

Melchior Minerva Centre conferences including From Stagnation to Growth, May 2003.

CESifo conferences including two on growth and inequality, Munich 2001 and 2002.

Competition and growth University of Copenhagen, November 24-25, 2001.

Old and new growth theories: An assessment Pisa, October 2001.

Fifth annual conference of the Central Bank of Chile Santiago, November 29-30, 2001.

Growth and business cycles in theory and practice Details of a conference held at Manchester's Centre for Growth and Business Cycle Research in 2000.

The sources of European growth The XIth Summer School of the European Economic Association was held in Barcelona, 4-9 September 2000. Some details are available here.