Growth researchers

Updated July 2006

This is a list of some researchers who have published work on economic growth and have a page on the WWW. (P) indicates papers available, (D) data sets available, (L) lecture course material available.

Other places to look for researchers

Good places to look for researchers are listed below. If the person's name is sufficiently distinctive, then typing it into Google works well. If the name is a relatively common one, then it can help to supplement it with keywords from the titles of research papers, the name of their institution, or other words likely to be included on their page such as 'economics' or 'growth'.

If even that fails, often the best place to look is EDIRC (Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centres). If you know the institution to which a researcher is attached, you can use a link like this to track down the institution, and then their email address or web page. For prominent researchers, the NBER's list is another good starting point.

If you'd like to join the above list of researchers and have published work on economic growth (ideally in relatively accessible journals) then please email me.