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Publication - Professor Sheena Warman

    Polypoid cystitis in a male entire springer spaniel puppy


    Ruiz, G, Day, M, Doran, I, Major, A & Warman, S, 2018, ‘Polypoid cystitis in a male entire springer spaniel puppy’. Veterinary Record Case Reports, vol 6.


    A 14-week-old entire male Springer Spaniel was presented for haematuria. Investigations identified polypoid cystitis. Medical management failed to improve the clinical signs and the dog underwent surgical excision of the bladder polyps at 8 months old. Histopathological examination of the polyps identified granulomatous foci containing crystalline material. Eighteen months after surgery, the dog has had no further episode of haematuria and repeat ultrasound documented resolution of the lesions. This is the youngest reported case of polypoid cystitis in dogs and the first report of this lesion associated with crystal inclusions within the polyps.

    Full details in the University publications repository