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Publication - Mrs Marta Costa

    Renin-producing Tumour in the Kidney of a Cat


    Brown, P, Stallwood, J, Costa, M & Bruneval, P, 2019, ‘Renin-producing Tumour in the Kidney of a Cat’. Journal of Comparative Pathology, vol 170., pp. 70-73


    Clinical and post-mortem examination of an adult neutered male cat with immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia revealed suspected nodules of tumour tissue in the cortex of the right kidney. Cytology and histopathology indicated a malignant renal tumour of undetermined type. Immunohistochemistry confirmed renin production by a proportion of the tumour cells. The lesion may represent a renal adenocarcinoma producing renin or a tumour of juxtaglomerular cells (‘reninoma’).

    Full details in the University publications repository