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Dr Joanna Hockenhull

Equine welfare/human-animal interactions

I completed my PhD exploring the epidemiology of behaviour problems and risk factors for poor welfare in UK leisure horses at the University of Liverpool (based at the University of Chester) in 2010. I used large-scale internet surveys of UK leisure horse owners to generate horse level data on routine husbandry and the frequency behaviour problems were expressed. Multivariate statistics were then used to investigate relationships between individual behaviour problems and to identify their associated risk factors.

Since my PhD I have worked as a research assistant on a project developing creativity in undergraduate bioscience students (with Dr Lottie Hosie, University of Chester) and am currently working on the Knowledge Exchange umbrella project for the South West Healthy Livestock Initiative (with Dr Gabriela Olmos Antillon, Dr Becky Whay and Professor David Main). I am also involved in a multi-disciplinary research project investigating the human-horse relationship with Professor Lynda Birke at the University of Chester and Dr Tamsin Young at Glyndwr University.

ISES 2011

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Research keywords

  • Animal welfare assessment
  • Human-animal relationships
  • Equine behaviour and welfare