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Dr Jo Murrell

Mechanisms of pain perception

I joined the University of Bristol in 2007 as a Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anaesthesia. I am a European specialist in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia, primarily based at the veterinary school in Langford, Dept of Clinical Veterinary Science. I am also a member of the Sensory and Motor Group led by Professors Bridget Lumb and Richard Apps.

My fundamental research interests are focussed on mechanisms of pain perception using electroencephalographic techniques, particularly cortical evoked potentials. I also participate in more applied projects based at the veterinary school which centre on improving analgesia provision in different species, and investigating the welfare implications of routine husbandry procedures.

My applied research interests are very much centred around recognition, quantification, and management of pain in both domestic and farmed animals. 

Research keywords

  • electroencephalogram
  • visceral and somatic pain
  • evoked potentials
  • mechanical
  • UVb
  • dog
  • chicken
  • sheep

Research findings

  • Validating models of inflammatory pain using neurophysiological markers of nociception
  • Use of mechanical evoked potentials to study central sensitisation
  • Development and validation of the UVb pain model in rats as a translational model of inflammatory pain
  • Do broilers and laying hens experience pain when they are lame or have keel bone fractures?
  • Evaluation of methadone and fentanyl for analgesia in cats?
  • Development of novel methods to quantify chronic pain caused by spontaneous osteoarthritis in dogs


  • Professor Bridget Lumb
  • Dr. Polly Taylor
  • Professor Mike Mendl
  • Professor Christine Nicol
  • Professor Mick Bailey