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Publication - Dr Jo Murrell

    Chronic maladaptive pain in cats

    A review of current and future drug treatment options


    Adrian, D, Papich, M, Baynes, R, Murrell, J & Lascelles, BDX, 2017, ‘Chronic maladaptive pain in cats: A review of current and future drug treatment options’. Veterinary Journal, vol 230., pp. 52-61


    Despite our increasing understanding of the pathophysiology underlying chronic or maladaptive pain, there is a significant gap in our ability to diagnose and treat the condition in domestic cats. Newer techniques being used to identify abnormalities in pain processing in the cat include validated owner questionnaires, measurement of movement and activity, and measurement of sensory thresholds and somatomotor responses. While some data are available evaluating possible therapeutics for the treatment of chronic pain in the cat, most data are limited to normal cats. This review details our current understanding of chronic or maladaptive pain, techniques for the detection and measurement of the condition and the associated central nervous changes, as well as an overview of the data evaluating potential therapeutics in cats.

    Full details in the University publications repository