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Dr Jennifer Bailey

Factors causing the development of fibrosis in inflammatory bowel disease and therapeutic anti-inflammatory agents

The focus of my research is inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), in particular factors which cause the development of inflammation-induced fibrosis and therapeutic anti-inflammatory agents. There are two arms to my work:

1) An iron-responsive probiotic. This project is developing an iron and stress-responsive probiotic for use in treating inflammatory bowel disease in animals and humans. Work is ongoing to further assess the anti-inflammatory properties of this probiotic and determine how these can best be harnessed to treat disease.


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2) The role of IL-13 in the development of fibrotic strictures in Crohn's disease. IL-13 is known to have a role in fibrosis. I have found it to be increased in the intestines of Crohn's disease patients and have identified a novel population of cells, showing some characteristics of innate lymphoid cells, which are able to produce IL-13 and are abundant in fibrotic intestinal muscle. Work is ongoing to further characterise these cells and assess their potential as a therapeutic target.


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