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Anaesthesia and Analgesia

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There is a long history of anaesthesia and analgesia related research at the Bristol Veterinary School and data generated by the group have contributed to the development of new analgesic drugs for animals and to improvements in anaesthesia and analgesia practice in both small and large animals. The anaesthesia and analgesia research group (AARG) is led by Dr. Jo Murrell , the comprises of people who are working in the field of anaesthesia and /or analgesia research. At our core lies the anaesthesia team but we also comprise surgeons, medics and welfare scientists and link with Animal Welfare and Behaviour, Infection and Immunity, Physiology and Pharmacology. We receive funding from Research Councils, Pharma, and Charities that support veterinary research (e.g. Feline Advisory Bureau, PetSavers, PetPlan). We benefit from technical and nursing support provided by the School to facilitate clinical research.

Jo Murrell is involved in a wide range of pain projects spanning species from chickens to fish to donkeys. She works closely with the Animal Welfare and Behaviour Group and Physiology and Pharmacology.

Dr Hugo van Oostrom has two research interests; fundamental pain research, and large scale (multicentre) prospective studies in clinical veterinary anaesthesia. Please do not hesitate to contact him if you share one of his interests to share new ideas and or to team up in new or ongoing studies!

Dr. Louisa Slingsby has significant experience carrying out contract research for Pharma, particularly investigating analgesic and anaesthetic agents in cats and dogs. She is experienced in managing experimental and clinic trials to meet the standards required for drug registration by the regulatory authorities.

Other members of the AARG are:
Mrs Gwen Covey Crump
Mrs Vicky Ford-Fennah
Dr. Delphine Holopherne-Doran
Mr James Hunt
Dr Emma Love
Mr Paul Macfarlane
Dr Elisa Bortolami

We also have a rolling ECVAA residency programme in anaesthesia with three Senior Clinical Training Scholars. The Scholars are active in carrying out clinical research projects as part of their training programme, supervised by senior members of the AARG
Ms Latifa Khenissi
Will McFadzean
Christian Dancker

PhD students
We have an active PhD programme with students carrying out projects that span anaesthesia and analgesia combined with welfare and behaviour. Current PhD students that are allied to the group are:
Lauren Harris
Melissa Smith

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