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Dr Emma Love

Pain in animals

My interest in pain in animals led to my PhD, "Advances in the objective evaluation of pain and analgesic efficacy in horses", which I completed in 2009. This involved the refinement of methods of nociceptive threshold testing originally developed by the anaesthesia / analgesia research team (led by Prof Waterman-Pearson) for use in horses and the investigation of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of buprenorphine in this species. I also developed ethograms to try to determine behaviours potentially associated with pain following castration and this behaviour based work led to post-PhD work on the facial expression of pain in horses funded by the BVA, Animal Welfare Foundation, Norman Hayward Fund.



I provide lectures and practical sessions for vets and nurses undertaking continuing professional development. Subjects include pain in all domestic species and clinical anaesthesia.

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Research keywords

  • pain
  • facial expression
  • analgesics
  • pharmacology
  • buprenorphine
  • horses
  • dogs
  • farma animals


Companion Animal Studies

Research areas

Research: Comparative and Clinical