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Publication - Dr Andrew Doherty

    Utilising diverse teaching activities to support first year students


    Howarth, J & Doherty, A, 2016, ‘Utilising diverse teaching activities to support first year students’.


    Over the past few years neuroscience undergraduate teaching at Bristol has undergone a number of changes, the most challenging of which has been the conversion of what was traditionally second year material and delivering it to first year students. Whilst this responded to the requests for specialist teaching related to their core subject, it also highlighted the lack of understanding of the wider subject context by first year students and more importantly what is the appropriate content and how do you deliver this at the appropriate level.
    This year we have developed two new units, with a focus on the broader aspects of neuroscience. Traditionally teaching activities included lectures and human anatomy teaching. Our new units showcase many aspects of neuroscience, teaching students about neurophysiology, neurohistology, neuroanatomy and cognition, supported by hands-on workshop sessions, practicals and tutorials.  We aim to give students an appreciation for the wider subject area, together with teaching them core skills, providing enquiry driven learning and creating a cohort of students with an identity. Here we showcase activities from workshops and practical sessions and some student feedback obtained.

    Full details in the University publications repository