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Publication - Dr Zoi Toumpakari

    Defining the commercial determinants of obesity in adolescence

    a systematic review protocol


    Ugalde, YC, De Vocht, F, Jago, R, Toumpakari, Z, Egan, M, Cummins, S & White, M, 2019, ‘Defining the commercial determinants of obesity in adolescence: a systematic review protocol’. PROSPERO.


    The commercial determinants of health (CDoH) have been recently identified as important factors affecting obesity from macrosocial and political factors, to shaping individual consumption patterns, through production and marketing of commercially produced food and drink, particularly those containing high levels of sugar, salt and trans fats. However, there has not been a comprehensive definition or review that summarises these factors and the ways in which they can have an influence on obesity in adolescents. Providing a definition and a framework for the commercial determinants of obesity in adolescence can facilitate understanding and cooperation between different disciplines within the obesity prevention field, which may contribute to a more successful approach to tackling the complex public health challenge of obesity.

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