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Publication - Dr Jon Symonds

    Engaging fathers with family support services

    using conversation analysis


    Symonds, J, 2018, ‘Engaging fathers with family support services: using conversation analysis’. in: Esther Dermott, Caroline Gatrell (eds) Fathers, families and relationships: Researching everyday lives. Policy Press, pp. 167-188


    Working with fathers represents a classic tension in social work practice. On the one hand, social work is predicated on the basis that parents, including fathers, have the capacity for growth and to improve their own and their children’s lives. On the other hand, social workers are required to identify when a parent presents a risk to the child and should no longer be caring for them. Given that most social work continues to be with mothers, fathers represent a practical dilemma for social workers in terms of their presence or absence in a child’s life, the quality of that...

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