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Dr Patricia Lucas


My interests have ranged from poor readers, to breast feeding, growth in infancy, nutrition intervention, depression in fathers of young children, to mentoring and CBT for conduct disordered youth. I am currently collaborating on research with academics in the UK and internationally. My research falls into two main categories: Early childhood development. ? Primary focus on educational, nutritional and social interventions and outcomes for children. ? Secondary areas of research have included child disability, poverty and deprivation, and inequalities in health. Systematic reviews and the development of an evidence base for policy ? completed systematic reviews on infant growth and outcomes and population interventions for improving nutrition and diet. ? currently working on a review for the Cochrane Collaboration of the benefits to children of increased welfare payments to families and a knowledge review of evidence on challenging behaviour in children?s residential care with Professor David Berridge.

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Key words

  • early childhood development
  • child disability
  • child poverty
  • child deprivation
  • inequalities in health
  • educational interventions
  • nutritional interventions