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Publication - Professor Liz Lloyd

    Maintaining Dignity and Indpendence


    Lloyd, L, Calnan, M, Cameron, A, Smith, R, Seymour, J & White, K, 2018, ‘Maintaining Dignity and Indpendence’. in: The New Dynamics of Ageing: Volume 2. Policy Press, Bristol


    Older people’s perspectives on their experiences of ageing and
    dependency shed light on the complex nature of dignity as a personal
    and social concept. In this study, participants revealed how, as they
    became dependent on others for support and care, their lives felt
    increasingly precarious and their sense of dignity was challenged.
    Influenced by their life course experiences as well as by their
    social circumstances, their response to this challenge included both
    perseverance and adjustment to change. The attitudes and behaviour
    of others, including those of professionals, contributed in crucially
    important ways to maintaining their sense of identity and dignity.

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