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Mrs Kate Willis


Kate has a first class BSc (hons) in Exercise and Health from Oxford Brookes University and an MSc in Sport and Exercise Medicine from the University of Exeter. Kate has been working in the School for Policy Studies (Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences) since April 2012 and currently works on the PLAN-A project as a Research Associate. After doing her BSc she worked for South Gloucestershire Council as an Active Lifestyles Assistant promoting health through working on various projects which included leading after-school clubs and working at events to promote physical activity. 

Her MSc dissertation focused on incorporating psychological theory (Theory of Reasoned Action) to help identifying the correlates of active travel to university among students. Identifying these correlates could potentially aid the development of an intervention programme which aims to increase the prevalence of active travel among students and therefore increase physical activity levels in this particular population.

Having worked as both a fieldworker and research assistant for ENHS, she has obtained a vast amount of valuable experience in participant recruitment, data collection, participant and senior staff communication, process evaluation and qualitative analysis.