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Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences

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Our work is not Sports Science. We focus almost entirely on the health rather than the performance-related aspects of physical activity and sport.

Our academic focus

The rationale for our academic focus is based on lifestyle and its effect on health. Physical activity, eating, and stress patterns have a critical impact on risk of coronary heart disease, obesity, cancer, stroke, osteoporosis and other serious health problems. We now have clear evidence that lack of physical activity ranks alongside hypertension, high cholesterol levels, and cigarette smoking as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and many other health problems such as obesity and diabetes. There is also a growing awareness of the benefits of exercise for mental well-being and avoiding stress-related illnesses, depression and anxiety.

The importance of physical activity in community health is recognised by the government in the White Paper on future health policy, "Our Healthier Nation". Already we are seeing physical activity promotion as an important initiative in primary care group strategies and health improvement plans across the nation. This is accompanied by greater opportunities for the funding of research projects and greater employment opportunities for trained professionals.

Our teaching and research therefore focus on the biomedical, psychosocial and promotional elements of physical activity. We address questions such as:

  • What are the physical and mental benefits of exercise and healthy eating for various population groups?
  • What factors and programmes are influential in promoting lifestyle change, and physical activity in particular?