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Professor Gill Hague

Professor Gill Hague

Professor Gill Hague
B.Sc.(Soton), Ph.D.(Bristol), D.S.A., C.A.S.S.(Bristol)

Emeritus Professor

Social Science Complex,
8 Priory Road, Bristol BS8 1TZ
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Gill Hague is Emeritus Professor of Violence Against Women Studies. She and Ellen Malos were the founder members of the Domestic Violence Research Group in 1990, which has had a pioneering role in establishing violence against women (VAW) research in the UK, later becoming the Violence Against Women Research Group and the present Centre. Gill has worked on VAW for forty years and taken a key part in developing gender violence research nationally and internationally. In 2013, she was awarded a Special Life-Time Achievement Award by the Emma Humphreys Memorial Fund. She has led a variety of ground-breaking projects, and has produced more than 120 publications on violence against women, working internationally on the issue in many countries including South Africa, Iraqi Kurdistan, India and Mexico. 

Her publications include 7 books (one in 3 editions) and a wide range of guide-books, professional and academic papers and chapters.  Many of these publications have had a key role in policy-making, activism and practice on violence against women, both internationally and nationally.  She has developed new ways of working in a trans-national feminist context, conducting, for example, participatory action research and attempting to avoid the domination of Western ideas.  In retirement, she continues to work nationally and internationally, most recently addressing the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly in Strasbourg in an Expert Hearing on Domestic Violence and Disability, developing national video material on domestic violence for Public Health England, speaking at a high-level international seminar in Paris on policy developments in Iraqi Kurdistan, and guest editing a Special Edition of the key journal, Violence Against Women on developments in gender violence work in India and the UK.  This Special Edition was nominated for best article/collection by the journal for 2013.

Recent and current research led by Gill, in a wide range of collaborations, includes the only national UK study of disabled women and domestic violence (with Ravi Thiara, Audrey Mullender and Pauline Magowan) and a key international study in Iraqi Kurdistan and the UK on so called ‘honour’-based violence (HBV) (with Nazand Begikhani and Aisha Gill). This led to a pioneering Action plan on HBV in Iraqi Kurdistan. Gill has conducted partipatory action research (with Ravi Thiara and MIFUMI) in Uganda on bride-price and domestic violence; a range of collaborations with colleagues in India on violence against women and on teaching innovations on gender violence; projects to develop gender issues in various universities in Iraqi Kurdistan; a national study of how much domestic violence survivors' voices are heard in policy development; a study of Canadian innovations in violence against women policy, and a wide variety of other projects. All of these were conducted as a matter of principle as collaborations with other violence against women research groups and individuals.



Gender and violence, domestic violence, social work professional training, early childhood studies, women's studies, family policy.


  • Gill's research interests cover domestic violence and all aspects of violence against women more generally
  • both nationally and internationally
  • and including violence in the name of 'honour'
  • bride-price and marriage rights
  • international teaching of violence against women issues and trans-national feminist collaborations on gendered violence avoiding Western dominance. Other research interests include child abuse
  • young people and violence
  • and innovatory approaches to social and community work.


I am the Director of the Violence Against Women Research Group, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol. We conduct national and international studies of violence against women and offer advice to policy makers, government and the media, working alongside Women's Aid and activists both nationally and internationally. I am happy to be contacted about any issue of violence against women and domestic violence in particular.

  • violence against women
  • domestic violence
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