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Dr Emma Williamson


Dr. Emma Williamson is a Reader in Gender Based Violence and Head of the Centre for Gender and Violence Research. She is a co-editor of the Journal of Gender Based Violence.  Emma has over 20 years research experience working in the area of gender-based violence which has included research on health, law, social policy, and service interventions.  Emma also has a keen interest in research ethics and has published widely on this topic.  She is the current Faculty Research Ethics Officer and Chair of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law Research Ethics Committee.

Emma previously worked as the Domestic Violence Information and Membership Manager for Women's Aid, the National Domestic Violence charity and continues to provide training to the National Domestic Violence Helpline.  In addition, Emma sits on a range of consultative bodies for National government and NGO organisations.

Emma is currently involved in an NIHR Programme Grant project testing the IRIS+ intervention for General Practitioners; An ESRC funded project on Justice Inequalities and Gender Based Violence (2016-2018); a Forces in Mind Trust project on domestic abuse and miitary famillies (2016-2018); as well as a Global challenges Research Fund, ESRC/AHRC funded project on Gender Based Violence and Displacement.  (2016-2018).




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