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Dr Eldin Fahmy


Eldin joined the School for Policy Studies in 2001 and since then has researched and published widely in the areas poverty, social exclusion and citizenship. His specific research interests include:

  • Youth poverty, social inclusion and participation
  • Spatial analysis of poverty
  • Mixed methods approaches in poverty research
  • Methodological innovation in poverty measurement
  • Rural poverty and exclusion
  • Fuel poverty

Dr Fahmy has an established track record of delivering high quality research funded by UKRC, central and local government, and charitable organisations, including the ESRC, DTI, ODPM, DECC, Cabinet Office, Big Lottery, Countryside Agency, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and the States of Guernsey.  Dr Fahmy has led collaborative research bids and successfully managed research teams as Principal Investigator or Lead Researcher for research funders including the Cabinet Office, the ODPM, and the Big Lottery. 

Dr Fahmy is a Trustee of the EAGA Charitable Trust and Co-Editor of the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

Dr Fahmy is Head of the SPS Centre for the Study of Poverty and Social Justice