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Dr Demi Patsios

As a member of the Centre for Research in Health and Social Care, Demi has maintained a primary interest in the effects of an ageing population on policy development and on the capacity of the health and social systems to respond to these needs. He has conducted research into the roles and responsibilities, interactions and linkages between the market, the state, the voluntary sector and informal sector in meeting the needs of older people.

As Programme Director of the MSc Policy ResearchMSc Social Work Research and MSc Disability Studies programmes, Demi has maintained an interest in the policy making process, policy and practice research, and evidence based policy and practice.

He is a member of the Faculty Research Group - Ageing and the Life Course which examines changing life course patterns have influenced health and wellbeing, retirement and pension income, family structure, and social, economic and political participation of older people in society.  He is also interested in how experiences, choices, opportunities, and constraints earlier in the life course influence quality of life and wellbeing in older age.

He is also member of the Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research and is examining the plight of poorer pensioners in the UK, Northern Ireland and Channel Isles.  As part of the PSEUK 2012 research team, Demi has lead the development of a Living Standards Index for the UK, as well as looking into changes in the prevalence and incidence of pensioner poverty and social exclusion in the UK. 

Research projects



Research keywords

  • The health and social care of older people
  • Long-term and community care
  • Cross-national comparisons of ageing policy
  • Poverty and social exclusion of older populations
  • Living standards.