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Professor Ashley Cooper


Ashley Cooper is Professor of Physical Activity & Public Health and Head of Centre and has been at Bristol since 1995.

His specialist area of research is the objective measurement of physical activity, with a particular interest in the contribution of active travel to school to children’s physical activity and fitness.

He is the Principal Investigator of the PEACH Project (Personal and Environmental Associations with Children’s Health), a study funded by the National Prevention Research Initiative and World Cancer Research Fund to investigate the personal and environmental influences on physical activity in children.

Prof Cooper is also one of the lead researchers on the International Children’s Accelerometer Database (ICAD) and is involved in a number of physical activity intervention trials including Early-ACTID, a major randomised clinical trial of physical activity and dietary modification in the management of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes in adults.

He is a co-applicant in the recently funded Biomedical Research Unit to be established in Bristol, where he will lead a programme of research on sedentary behaviour and type 2 diabetes.



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