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Professor Angie Page


My research interests focus on the behaviours linked to childhood obesity and the determinants of children?s physical activity and eating behaviour. Understanding and being able to measure the factors that influence health behaviours is crucial to the health prevention research agenda as it informs what to change for effective intervention. My reputation in this area has led to me being one of the lead investigators on The PEACH Project, a founder member of the European Youth Heart Study (EYHS), a Scientific Collaborator for the DECIPHER Public Health Research Centre and The International Children?s Accelerometry Database (ICAD). My most recent work is based on a new approach to investigating children?s independent mobility (their ability to go out unsupervised) and how this is strongly linked to physical activity behaviour and time spent outdoors.

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Key words

  • childhood obesity
  • obesity
  • physical activity
  • eating behaviour
  • mobility
  • children