Dr Timothy Fowler

Dr Timothy Fowler

Dr Timothy Fowler
Lecturer in Political Theory

2.03, 11 Priory Road,
11 Priory Road, Clifton, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 331 7589

School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Personal profile

I got my PhD in Political Philosophy in 2010 at the University of York. The thesis dealt with parental rights, and particularly whether parents have rights to send their children to religious schools. Following the PhD I did a two year teaching fellowship at the University of Warwick, where I founded the Children, Education and Philosophy working group. This year I took up a post as lecturer in Political Theory at the University of Bristol.  My work concerns the ethics of intergenerational relations, including the rights of parents, children’s place in democracy and the obligations of current generations to future generations. 



My teaching is focussed on general issues in political philosophy and in particular my research interests in integenerational ethics. Next year I will be leading the module 'Contemporary Political Theory'. Next year we are a moving to a shared module with Philosophy, and I will be sharing the teaching of the module with Professor Chris Bertram. I will also be running a new third year module on 'Justice Between Generations'

Latest publications

  1. Fowler, T, 2018, ‘Public Reason, Science and Faith: The Case of Intelligent Design’. Law and Philosophy.
  2. Fowler, T, 2015, ‘Markets, Choice and Agency.’. Res Publica, vol 21., pp. 347
  3. Fowler, T, 2015, ‘In defense of state directed enhancement’., pp. 67-81
  4. Fowler, T & Stemplowska, Z, 2014, ‘The Asymmetry Objection Rides Again: On the nature and significance of justification disagreement ’. Journal of Applied Philosophy, vol 32., pp. 133-146
  5. Fowler, TM, 2014, ‘Perfectionism for children, anti-perfectionism for adults’. Canadian Journal of Philosophy.
  6. Fowler, TM, 2013, ‘The Status of Child Citizens’. Politics, Philosophy and Economics .
  7. Fowler, T, Zammit, S, Owen, MJ & Rasmussen, F, 2012, ‘A population-based study of shared genetic variation between premorbid IQ and psychosis among male twin pairs and sibling pairs from Sweden’. Archives of General Psychiatry, vol 69., pp. 460-466
  8. Fowler, TM, 2010, ‘The problems of liberal neutrality in upbringing’. Res Publica, vol 16., pp. 367-381

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