Dr Steven Rolf

Dr Steven Rolf

Dr Steven Rolf
Research Associate in Sociology, Politics and International Studies

11 Priory Road, Clifton, Bristol
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School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

China's Uneven and Combined Development: State Power, The Urban Process, and the Global Accumulation of Capital

Personal profile

I'm interested in developing an operationalisable theory of Uneven and Combined Development which can be applied to China's contemporary process of rapid capitalist development. Of particular interest is the state's attempt to rebalance the economy towards production for the domestic market, in the context of a development process which has been heavily reliant on the real subsumption of labour to a neoliberalising global political economy through entry into global production networks. In this context, I have been drawn towards the study of urbanisation as state strategy containing many of the contradictions implicit in this reorienting process.

Fields of interest

Uneven and Combined Development, Uneven Development, Social Production of Space, China, International Relations, Global Production Networks, Commodity Chains, Hong Kong, State Theory, Political Economy, and International Political Economy

Latest publications

  1. Rolf, S, 2019, ‘National development through global production networks? The case of Dongguan, China’. Political Geography, vol 73., pp. 48-59
  2. Rolf, S & Agnew, J, 2016, ‘Sovereignty regimes in the South China Sea: assessing contemporary Sino-US relations’. Eurasian Geography and Economics, vol 57., pp. 249-273
  3. Rolf, S, 2015, ‘Locating the state: Uneven and combined development, the states system, and the political’. Research in Political Economy, vol 30A., pp. 113-153

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