Ms Lydia Medland

Ms Lydia Medland

Ms Lydia Medland
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My work engages with several disciplinary fields in the social sciences including sociology, geography, international relations and law.

My research is focused on the role of seasonal workers in global food production, specifically in Morocco and Spain. In Morocco, I am interested in how seasonal workers in counter-seasonal production destined for Northern Europe experience work in global food systems. In Spain, I have researched the labour and social implications of organic agriculture on working conditions in the horticultural production network from greenhouse production. In the context of changing social and political conditions in both Southern Europe and Northern Africa I am interested to understand how the political economy of food is interpreted in local contexts by workers, farmers and civil society organisations such as trade unions. Methodologically, my approach is qualitative and I am also very interested in methods that include visual and participatory techniques. 

I previously worked with the transparency and human rights NGO, Access Info Europe from September 2008 until September 2013. As part of this role I co-ordinated the European section of the civil society coalition of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC Coalition) and actively participated in the UN meetings that were open to civil society observers to the UNCAC. I also researched and published several reports, on transparency, human rights, and anti-corruption. During this five year period I was based in Madrid, Spain.

I have a first class degree in International Relations from the University of Sussex (UK) a Master’s degree in Agroecology from the University of Córdoba (Spain) and a M(res) in Global Political Economy from the University of Bristol, with distinction. I have also studied for shorter periods (of three months in each case) at the ICU University (Japan), and the Madrid Complutense University (Spain).

My academic supervisors are Professor Tonia Novitz, Dr Adrian Flint and Dr Emma Carmel (Bath University).


For the academic year:

2018/2019 Sociology in a Global Context SOCI10008

2017/2018 The Politics of the Global South POLI0004

2016/2017 The Politics of the Global South POLI0004

2015/2016 Issues in World Politics SPAI10004

Twitter: @Lydyact


Latest publications

  1. Medland, L, Anderson, B, Bales, K, Bogg, A, Novitz, T, Davidson, JO, Pitts, FH & Turnbull, P, 2018, ‘The 'future' of work? A call for the recognition of continuities in challenges for conceptualising work and its regulation’. School of Law, University of Bristol
  2. Medland, L, 2017, ‘Misconceiving ‘seasons’ in global food systems: the case of the EU Seasonal Workers Directive’. European Law Journal, vol 23., pp. 157?171
  3. Medland, L, 2017, ‘Language learning as research rehearsal: Preparation for multi-linguistic field research in Morocco’. in: Robert Gibb, Annabel Tremlett, Julien Danero Iglesias (eds) Learning and Using Languages in Ethnographic Research.
  4. Medland, L, 2016, ‘Working for Social Sustainability: Insights from a Spanish Organic Production Enclave’. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, vol 40., pp. 1133-1156
  5. Jiménez-Aceituno, A, Medland, L, Delgado, A, Carballés-Bretón, A, Maiques-Diaz, A, Muñoz, LD, Marín-Rodríguez, M, Chamorro-Ortiz, P & Casado-Cid, B, 2016, ‘Social Theatre as a Tool for Environmental Learning Processes: A Case Study from Madrid, Spain’. in: Martha Monroe, Marianne Krasny (eds) Across the Spectrum: Resources for Environmental Educators. North American Association for Environmental Education, pp. 281-296

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