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Publication - Dr Gilberto Algar-Faria

    Improving the EU's Local Capacity Building Efforts in Post-Conflict Environments


    Juncos, AE, Algar-Faria, G, Edmunds, T, Đokić, K, Plänitz, E, Abdi, K & Simons, S, 2017, ‘Improving the EU's Local Capacity Building Efforts in Post-Conflict Environments’. EU-CIVCAP


    After the failures that accompanied UN interventions in the early 1990s, local capacity building (CB) and local ownership have become matters of concern for the international community. This interest in ‘the local’ stems from the fact that its inclusion is increasingly understood to be essential to successful peacebuilding, providing the crucial link in the search for effectiveness and legitimacy in international peacebuilding initiatives. CB programmes — including training activities, mentoring and advising, and the provision of equipment and large infrastructure — have become key to strengthening capabilities at the individual and organisational levels. But while CB has positively impacted some areas, success has been narrow and uneven.

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