Professor Geoffrey Pridham

Professor Geoffrey Pridham

Professor Geoffrey Pridham
Emeritus Professor

10 Priory Road, Clifton, Bristol
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School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Personal profile

Research Associate at the Department of the Foreign Office, 1965-67; Research Associate at the Institute of Contemporary History, 1967-69. Lecturer at Bristol from 1969, Reader from 1982, Professor from 1993. Former Reviews Editor of West European Politics; Associate Editor of South European Society and Politics 1995-2003. Director of the Centre for Mediterranean Studies 1987-2002. University Research Fellowship 2000-2001. Leverhulme Research Grant 2002-2004. ESRC Research Fellowship 2004-2007.  Since 2007 I have been Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Fellow at Bristol University.


My research work has many different themes within the broad area of European studies. They have had a strong comparative orientation, with special reference to German and Italian politics, and also to Southern Europe generally. In particular they have included coalitional behaviour in Italian politics, regime transition in the Iberian Peninsula and in Greece, and transnational party cooperation in European integration. I was also engaged in two major projects, one on transitions to democracy, comparing the development of party systems in Eastern and Southern Europe, and the other on environmental policies of EU member states, particularly those in Southern Europe. I am now researching a project on EU enlargement and domestic politics in postcommunist state, with special reference to Slovakia, Latvia and Romania.  I also work on relations between the EU and Ukraine and in 2014 was Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies (UCRS), Uppsala University, Sweden, for research on this subject. In general, I am interested in the link between European integration and democratic consolidation in Central & Eastern Europe and the wider effects of the EU's political conditionality policy.


My teaching was in comparative European politics, democratisation studies, and at the interface between comparative politics and international relations.

I have taught:

  • 21228: Governing Germany
  • 31377: Democratisation in Theory and Practice
  • M2007: Democratisation and International Politics

I have sometimes contributed to:

  • 21214: Cooperation and Integration in Europe
  • 10103 and 10104: Contemporary Issues in European Politics 1 & 2

Key publications

  1. Pridham, G, 2008, ‘Status Quo Bias or Institutionalisation for Reversibility?: The EU's Political Conditionality, Post-Accession Tendencies and Democratic Consolidation in Slovakia’. Europe-Asia Studies, vol 60 (3)., pp. 423 - 454
  2. Pridham, G, 2007, ‘The Effects of the European Union's Democratic Conditionality: The Case of Romania during Accession’. Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics, vol 23 (2)., pp. 233 - 258
  3. Pridham, G, 2007, ‘Change and Continuity in the European Union's Political Conditionality: Aims, Approach, and Priorities’. Democratization, vol 14 (3)., pp. 446 - 471
  4. Pridham, G, 2007, ‘Legitimating European Union Accession? Political Elites and Public Opinion in Latvia, 2003-2004’. Party Politics, vol 13 (5)., pp. 563 - 586
  5. Pridham, G & Mikkel, E, 2006, ‘Clinching the Return to Europe the referendums on EU accession in Estonia and Latvia’. in: A Szczerbiak, P Taggart (eds) EU Enlargement and Referendums. Routledge, pp. 160 - 192

Latest publications

  1. Pridham, G, 2018, ‘Latvia’s eastern region: international tensions and political system loyalty’. Journal of Baltic Studies., pp. 1-18
  2. Pridham, G, 2018, ‘Latgale and Latvia’s post-Soviet democracy: the territorial dimension of regime consolidation’. East European Politics, vol 34., pp. 194-216
  3. Pridham, G, 2008, ‘European Party Cooperation and Post-Communist Politics: Euroscepticism in transnational perspective’. in: A Szczerbiak, P Taggart (eds) Opposing Europe? The Comparative Party Politics of Euroscepticism. Oxford University Press
  4. Pridham, G, 2006, ‘European Union Accession Dynamics and Democratization in Central and Eastern Europe: Past and Future Perspectives’. Government and Opposition, vol 41 (3)., pp. 373 - 400
  5. Pridham, G, 2006, ‘Assessing Democratic Consolidation in Central and Eastern Europe: The European Dimension’. Acta Politica, vol 41 (4)., pp. 342 - 369

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