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Publication - Dr Angelo Martins Junior

    Interview with Julia O’Connell Davidson on Modern Slavery


    Junior, AM & Davidson, JO, 2016, ‘Interview with Julia O’Connell Davidson on Modern Slavery’. Theory, Culture & Society, vol 33., pp. 381?390


    In this interview for the TCS website, Angelo Martins Jr interviews Professor Julia O’Connell Davidson about her recent book, Modern Slavery: The Margins of Freedom (2015). The interview further discusses some of the most prominent (and often controversial) topics examined by O’Connell Davidson’s book, such as her understanding of modern slavery and her critique on (and consequences of) how anti-slavery movements, NGOs and right-wing and social democratic media and politicians have mistakenly appropriated and used the term. The interview further considers some of the global contemporary social, political and economic issues, such as ‘the refugee crisis’, border control, citizenship and global socio-economic inequalities.

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