Dr Anaid Flesken

Dr Anaid Flesken

Dr Anaid Flesken
Senior Research Associate

2.01, 3 Priory Road,
11 Priory Road, Clifton, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 3310606

School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies


My research interests focus on the political mobilization of ethnicity, particularly on the interactions of institutions, politicians, and ordinary citizens.  

I am the principal investigator of the three-year ESRC-funded project ‘The Effects of Ethnic Parties on National Unity: Polarisation vs Inclusion’. The aim of the research is to examine the impact of ethnic group-specific party campaigning on ethnic relations and social cohesion. It is interested in whether and how the presence of ethnic parties affects the way people perceive the ethnic “other” and the nation. Is this effect positive, because ethnic parties as emancipatory vehicles increase the inclusion of ethnic minorities within the population? Or is it negative, because ethnic parties raise awareness of ethnic differences? The project uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to answer these questions.

I also continue to work on the politics of ethnic relations in Bolivia and Latin America more generally, building on the data collected during my PhD research at the University of Exeter and postdoctoral research at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Hamburg, supported by a Fritz Thyssen Postdoctoral Stipend.

For further information, please also see my personal website.


I am on leave during Term 2 (Spring 2018).


Jakob Hartl


I am teaching the elective unit POLI30019 Ethnic Politics.


Key publications

  1. Weber, A, Hiers, W & Flesken, A, 2016, ‘Politicized Ethnicity: A Comparative Perspective’. Palgrave Macmillan
  2. Flesken, A, 2014, ‘On the Link Between Ethnic Politics and Identification: Lessons from Bolivia’. Ethnopolitics, vol 13., pp. 159-180
  3. Flesken, A, 2013, ‘Ethnicity without Group: Dynamics of Indigeneity in Bolivia’. Nationalism & Ethnic Politics, vol 19., pp. 333-353

Latest publications

  1. Flesken, A & Hartl, JJ, 2018, ‘Party Support, Values, and Perceptions of Electoral Integrity’. Political Psychology, vol 39., pp. 707-724
  2. Flesken, A, 2018, ‘Why ethnic parties form: evidence from Bolivia’. Nations and Nationalism.
  3. Flesken, A, 2018, ‘Identity change in a context of intergroup threat: Regional identity mobilization in Bolivia’. Politics, vol 38., pp. 51-67
  4. Flesken, A, 2015, ‘Bolivien: Vom sinkenden Stellenwert indigener Politik’., pp. 1-8
  5. Flesken, A, 2014, ‘Indigene Mobilisierungen in Lateinamerika: Ein wenig genutztes Potenzial’.
  6. Flesken, A, 2014, ‘Researching Ethnic Relations as the Outcome of Political Processes’.
  7. Zammit-Mangion, A, Dewar, M, Kadirkamanathan, V, Flesken, A & Sanguinetti, G, 2013, ‘Modelling Conflict Dynamics with Spatiotemporal Data’. Springer Verlag

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