Professor Mark Wickham-Jones

Professor Mark Wickham-Jones

Professor Mark Wickham-Jones
Professor of Political Science

2.7 10 Priory Road,
11 Priory Road, Clifton, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 928 8828

School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Personal profile

I studied Economics and Politics as an undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh, before  moving to the University of Manchester for my PhD. I taught briefly at the University of Leeds before coming to Bristol in 1989. I have been a Professor since 2007.


My central research interest lies in labour politics and social democracy. My focus is on the development of the British Labour party since 1945. I am especially interested in the party’s relationships with other social democratic parties and its attitude to the wider world, particularly towards Europe.

I am also interested in the evolution of the party's policy commitments since 1983, the changes to its organisational structure, and the nature of its electoral outlook.


My teaching interests are in political science, rational choice theory and Labour Party politics.

Key publications

  1. Wickham-Jones, M 2007, The Future of Socialism and New Labour: An Appraisal’. Political Quarterly, vol 78 (2)., pp. 224 - 240
  2. Squires, J & Wickham-Jones, M 2004, ‘New Labour, Gender Mainstreaming and the Women and Equality Unit’. British Journal of Politics and International Relations, vol 6 (1)., pp. 81 - 98
  3. Wickham-Jones, M 2004, ‘The New Left’. in: R Plant, M Beech, K Hickson (eds) The Struggle for Labour's Soul: understanding Labour's political thought since 1945. Routledge, pp. 24 - 46
  4. Wickham-Jones, M 2003, ‘The Anderson-Nairn Thesis’. in: J Callaghan, S Fielding, S Ludlam (eds) Interpreting the Labour Party. Manchester University Press, pp. 86 - 100
  5. Wickham-Jones, M 2003, ‘From Reformism to Resignation and Remedialism? Labour's trajectory through British politics’. in: EC Hargrove (eds) The Future of the Democratic Left in Industrial Societies. Pennsylvania State University Press, pp. 26 - 45

Latest publications

  1. Wickham-Jones, M 2013, ‘Introducing OMOV: the Labour party-trade union review group and the 1994 leadership contest’. British Journal of Industrial Relations.
  2. Pemberton, HR & Wickham-Jones, M 2013, ‘Brothers all? The Operation of the Electoral College in the 2010 Labour Leadership Contest’. Parliamentary Affairs, vol 66., pp. 708-731
  3. Wickham-Jones, M 2013, ‘The debate about wages: the New Left, the Labour Party, and incomes policy’. Journal of Political Ideologies, vol 18., pp. 83-105
  4. Pemberton, H & Wickham-Jones, M 2013, ‘Labour's lost grassroots: The rise and fall of party membership’. British Politics, vol 8., pp. 181-206
  5. Jobson, R & Wickham-Jones, M 2011, ‘Reinventing the block vote? Trade unions and the 2010 Labour party leadership election’. British Politics, vol 6., pp. 317 - 344

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