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Publication - Dr Valeriia Haberland

    Resource Re-allocation for Data Inter-dependent Continuous Tasks in Grids


    Haberland, V, Miles, S & Luck, M, 2017, ‘Resource Re-allocation for Data Inter-dependent Continuous Tasks in Grids’. in: N Criado Pacheco, C Carrascosa, N Osman, V Julián Inglada (eds) Multi-Agent Systems and Agreement Technologies . Springer, Cham, pp. 187-201


    Many researchers focus on resource intensive tasks which have to be run continuously over long periods. A Grid may offer resources for these tasks, but they are contested by multiple client agents. Hence, a Grid might be unwilling to allocate its resources for long terms, leading to tasks’ interruptions. This issue becomes more substantial when tasks are data inter-dependent, where one interrupted task may cause an interruption of a bundle of other tasks. In this paper, we discuss a new resource re-allocation strategy for a client, in which resources are re-allocated between the client tasks in order to avoid prolonged interruptions. Those re-allocations are decided by a client agent, but they should be agreed with a Grid and can be performed only by a Grid. Our strategy has been tested within different Grid environments and noticeably improves client utilities in almost all cases.

    Full details in the University publications repository